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Manitoulin Global Forwarding (MGF) Acquires Associated Cargo Specialists (Canada) Inc. of Montreal, Quebec. MGF Now One of Canada’s Largest International Freight Forwarders

Toronto, Ontario -- October 21,  2019 -- Manitoulin Global Forwarding (MGF) has acquired Associated Cargo Specialists (Canada) Inc., which operates as ACS Logistics, of Montreal, QC. The acquisition complements the recent acquisitions of Demark Global Logistics, (Miami, Florida), and [...]

October 21st, 2019|2019|

Manitoulin Global Forwarding Buys N/J International Inc. of Houston, Texas First U.S. Acquisition Further Strengthens Manitoulin’s Global Reach

TORONTO, Ontario - Manitoulin Global Forwarding has acquired N/J International Inc. of Houston, Texas.  N/J International is a global supply chain provider of fully integrated transportation and logistics solutions covering air and sea freight, warehousing, crating, distribution and supply [...]

October 13th, 2018|2018, News|

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Manitoulin Global Fowarding - News


Manitoulin Global Forwarding Buys N/J International Inc. of Houston, Texas First U.S. Acquisition Further Strengthens Manitoulin's Global ReachTORONTO, Ontario - Manitoulin Global Forwarding has acquired N/J International Inc. of Houston, Texas.  N/J International is a global supply chain provider of fully integrated transportation and logistics solutions covering air and sea freight, warehousing, crating, distribution and supply chain management. This is the first acquisition Manitoulin Global Forwarding has made on U.S. soil."N/J International is a well-established service provider in the United States operating since 1982. They service some of the top companies in the Houston market in various industries,” said Dwayne Hihn, president, Manitoulin Global Forwarding. “N/J International complements our own service capabilities in the Canadian market.  Manitoulin has become a trusted brand in Canada and for many years has been at the forefront of servicing some of the top global companies. Adding N/J International to the Manitoulin family was a natural choice given the strong business ties between Texas and Alberta and our countries in general. By combining our resources, capabilities, and relationships, Manitoulin is now positioned as the premier provider to the oil and gas and project sector on both sides of the border."Brian Fainter, the former president of N/J International, will serve as president for all U.S. sales and operations for Manitoulin Global Forwarding. "We believe this acquisition will benefit not only N/J International's customers but any company seeking outstanding customer service, reliability, and corporate stability," said Fainter. "Manitoulin has a sterling reputation, deep roots in Canada and more than fifty years' experience servicing the Northern American market. Its impressive line-up of in-house resources including over 3,000 pieces of transportation equipment, and 80 terminals, make it capable of meeting every supply chain scenarios.""N/J International's customers can feel confident that the quality of service they are accustomed to will continue at Manitoulin," said Gord Smith, CEO, Manitoulin Group of Companies. "Also, they now have easy access to Manitoulin's global coverage and broad service portfolio. This includes international freight forwarding, customs brokerage, crating, warehousing, global time-critical delivery, project logistics and heavy haul, office moving, ground transportation, and supply chain management. This provides a true one-stop-shop for all transportation and logistics needs across Canada and around the world.""We warmly welcome N/J International's customers and employees," said Hihn. "We are excited to demonstrate our capabilities to businesses in the United States. We understand the complexities and challenges of various industries and can expertly handle the most demanding projects.”About Manitoulin Global ForwardingA member of Manitoulin Group of Companies, Manitoulin Global Forwarding is a leading international freight forwarding solutions provider, servicing more than 220 countries and territories worldwide.  Through its international network of agents, Manitoulin provides global and local customized solutions that meet customers’ supply chain objectives. With its strategically located offices in Toronto, Montreal, Regina and Edmonton, it is uniquely positioned to service customers throughout Canada. Whatever the requirements may be -- air, ocean or land -- customers rely on Manitoulin to ensure shipments arrive at their destination in any part of the globe. For more information about Manitoulin Global Forwarding visit  www.mgfgroup.comAbout Manitoulin Group of CompaniesManitoulin Group of Companies is Canada’s leading privately owned transportation and logistics solutions provider. It has over 50 years’ experience servicing a variety of industries and some of the world’s largest organizations. As a single-source provider, it is able to create operational synergies that compound efficiencies across the supply chain. Its offerings include; expedited less-than-truckload/truckload, crating, customs brokerage, international freight forwarding, global time critical delivery, residential and commercial moving, heavy haul, logistics, warehousing, projects and supply chain management.  Manitoulin leverages its extensive network to connect businesses across Canada and around the world. For more information, please visit
Manitoulin Global Forwarding Acquires IPE Logistics (Canada) Ltd. of Toronto, ON Strengthens Global Freight Forwarding CapabilitiesMISSISSAUGA, ON - Manitoulin Global Forwarding has acquired IPE Logistics (Canada) Ltd., of Toronto, ON. The purchase strengthens Manitoulin's overall global capabilities, especially from Asia to North America in the less-than-container-load (LCL) space, and provides enhanced access to Asian markets. This is the eighth acquisition Manitoulin has made in the last year to extend its offerings and global reach."Asia continues to be a major engine of global growth and our customers must be able to readily leverage business opportunities associated with the region," said Dwayne Hihn, president, Manitoulin Global Forwarding. "Combining IPE Logistics' expertise with Manitoulin's existing capabilities enables us to satisfy the most complex freight forwarding situations. We believe that through this purchase, businesses in Canada and across North America now have improved access to Asia's lucrative markets via an array of robust and reliable offerings.""Our investments invariably relate to anticipating customers' needs and helping them to optimize business opportunities," said Gord Smith, CEO, Manitoulin Group of Companies. "We expected Asia's dynamic economies would trigger tremendous growth in our customers' businesses and took steps years ago to ensure our infrastructure could facilitate that growth. As one entity, we are among the top international freight forwarders in Canada today, and provide a significant competitive advantage for our customers."IPE Logistics was founded in 2002 by Tony Leung and Paul Xian. Over the years, it established itself as a national enterprise with offices in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver. IPE Logistics provides freight forwarding, project consulting, e-commerce supply chain management, and warehousing and distribution, as well as customs brokerage consulting."IPE Logistics is delighted to join the Manitoulin family," said Tony Leung, former owner, IPE Logistics. "Clearly, we have complementary offerings, but our real strength lies in our shared culture of striving for excellence and delivering on what we promise. Our customers will now benefit from the integrated global supply chain capabilities of Manitoulin Group of Companies."IPE Logistics’ significant presence in the LCL import space from Asia, fits well with the integrated time-sensitive services that Manitoulin offers, especially given the recent port and rail congestion on both sides of the country," said Hihn. "With Manitoulin, businesses can be confident that regardless of challenging events affecting the industry, we have the ability to provide relevant and effective supply chain solutions that meet their needs."IPE Logistics customers can expect a business-as-usual experience with the continued leadership of Leung and Xian.
Manitoulin Global Forwarding Buys M.A.P. International Freight Inc. Adds Temperature-Controlled Services to Freight Forwarding PortfolioMISSISSAUGA, ON - Manitoulin Global Forwarding has bought M.A.P. International Freight Inc. of Vaughan, Ontario, a specialist in the movement of goods requiring a temperature-controlled environment be it refrigerated or heated. The acquisition rounds out Manitoulin Global Forwarding's service offerings, enabling it to now provide clients with the full suite of international freight forwarding offerings available.Established in 1991, M.A.P. International specializes in the movement of refrigerated cargoes, chilled and frozen goods, agri-commodities and goods requiring heating, via ocean, air and truck transportation. Customers range from major food manufacturers and distributors to pharmaceutical companies. With a focus on moving goods in and out of North America, M.A.P. International leverages its network of agents on six continents to deliver goods to destinations all over the world."We are delighted to welcome M.A.P International into the Manitoulin family," said Dwayne Hihn, president, Manitoulin Global Forwarding. "In the temperature-control realm of freight forwarding, there is no room for error when you consider the delicate nature of the goods. An improperly planned delivery, be it the packaging and storage of goods or the wrong forecast on the length of delivery, could be catastrophic for a business. As well, it is vital to be thoroughly knowledgeable about local documentation requirements in the jurisdiction of any country we serve. You need a highly trained technical specialist in this business that understands and executes on the many intricacies involved in getting temperature-controlled freight safely and securely to its destination in its expected condition. With the acquisition of M.A.P International, Manitoulin Global Forwarding is now that provider.""When we bring a company into our group, naturally we consider how it would enable us to better serve our customers by enhancing our portfolio," said Gord Smith, chief executive officer, Manitoulin Group of Companies. "M.A.P. International has the depth and breadth of experience in this highly specialized field that we were looking for, but that kind of fit alone is never enough. We must also be sure that their culture and approach to servicing customers is in-keeping with our own high standards. We were as impressed with M.A.P.'s technical capabilities as we were with its reputation in the industry for customer service.""M.A.P. International customers should look forward to a seamless transition to Manitoulin as well as a number of advantages," said Smith. "Including the convenience and assurances enabled by the latest in transportation technology, and easy access to the full suite of transportation and logistics services of the Manitoulin Group."M.A.P. International employees have transferred to Manitoulin's offices in Toronto, Ontario. M.A.P's former president, Mark Albert, will also join Manitoulin in a consulting capacity and help ensure a smooth transition for customers.
Manitoulin Global Forwarding Acquires Can-Tran Intl. Inc. Further Extends its Western Canada ReachMISSISSAUGA, ON - Manitoulin Global Forwarding has purchased Canfleet Logistics Ltd., of Vancouver, British Columbia. This is the latest of many strategic investments Manitoulin has made in Western Canada in recent years to build out its offerings and coverage in the region. The purchase of Canfleet, with its excellent export capabilities to Asia, also strengthens Manitoulin's access to high-growth Asian markets, where many of its customers do business, and advances its overall global reach.Mississauga, ON - June 11, 2012 -- Manitoulin Global Forwarding announced today it has acquired Can-Tran Intl. Inc., an international freight-forwarding enterprise, based in Leduc, Alberta. This is the second business based in Western Canada to be acquired by Manitoulin Global Forwarding in the last two months, demonstrating its commitment to extend its reach in that region.Founded in 1985 Can-Tran Intl. Inc. provides a full suite of solutions to Alberta clientele, including freight forwarding, customs brokerage, ground transportation, and distribution and warehousing. With the majority of its customers in the oil and gas industry, Can-Tran has gained significant expertise in complex project moves, especially those involving drill rigs. All Can-Tran employees will remain with the company."Can-Tran is a natural fit for us, for three reasons," said Dwayne Hihn, president, Manitoulin Global Forwarding. “First, it is a major player in Western Canada, with a solid base of loyal clients. Second, it specializes in the oil and gas industry, a growth-sector we already service and which we intend to build on in future years. Third, its corporate culture mirrors Manitoulin’s, with its unswerving commitment to meeting customers’ unique needs.”“We are excited about the merge,” said Barry Young, former Can-Tran president. “We can feel confident that the customers we’ve had the privilege to serve for many years will now enjoy even greater flexibility and reliability by being able to access the full suite of services offered by the Manitoulin Group.”
Manitoulin Global Forwarding Acquires Beler International Inc. Continues Expansion into Western CanadaMississauga, ON  – Manitoulin Global Forwarding announced today it has acquired a freight-forwarding company, Beler International Inc., of Regina, Saskatchewan. The purchase builds on previous acquisitions in Western Canada in recent years and demonstrates Manitoulin’s continued commitment to expansion throughout the region.“We look forward to working with local businesses and contributing to their success,” said Dwayne Hihn, president, Manitoulin Global Forwarding. “Manitoulin’s portfolio of solutions provides the business community with a one-stop-shop for all its local and international transportation and logistics needs. This can help facilitate expansion into new markets, at home and abroad.”Established in 1994, Beler International Inc. is the longest-standing freight-forwarding company in Saskatchewan. Exporting predominantly from the Prairie Provinces, it serves clients around the world in the agricultural machinery marketplace.“Beler was strategically important to us due to its location, clientele, reputation, and brand recognition in the region,” said Hihn. “We plan to build on that success.”Beler International’s previous owner and founder, Gerry Beler, and all former Beler employees have transferred to Manitoulin Global Forwarding. Beler customers can expect an effortless transition to Manitoulin over the coming weeks.“We are thrilled to have a presence in Regina,’ said Hihn. “Saskatchewan’s economy is growing exponentially and so is Manitoulin. We have been investing strategically in areas of importance to our customers to provide the unique supply chain solutions they require. We’re doing this through coverage, equipment, technology, manpower and by continually evaluating our processes to ensure their products arrive securely and on time.”

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