When every second counts!

At MGF, we recognize the increasing importance of air freight as a vital service within the supply chain. As globalization continues, many industries have modified traditional distribution models out of necessity, with higher volume of products requiring an express service to keep automated production lines moving and centralized DC’s stocked with vital components.  Air freight has also afforded small and medium-sized manufacturers the ability to compete with larger competitors as they access parts/products globally with quick delivery options. For high-value time-sensitive cargo, the smart choice is MGF.


Our air freight division is ready to assist by developing cost-effective air freight solutions that meet the expedited shipping needs of our customers.  Utilizing our extensive knowledge of international and domestic flights, we deliver a secure, calculated end-to-end solution with the most direct routing possible.  Our strength comes from the visibility and flexibility of our business model and our “closed network” capabilities.  Safe and secure air freight shipping with ONE point of contact for all modes of transport and customs clearance – ZERO third-party involvement from start to finish.  Cargo pick-up, customs clearance, trans-load, and final mile delivery within MGF’s network.  In addition, enjoy single invoice billing, and a state-of-the-art system technology for real-time cargo tracking and tracing.

MGF air freight solutions caters to industries with integrated production including automotive and electronics sectors; directly aligned to our key vertical portfolio producing a 360-degree view of your supply chain.  Through our global network, we have managed to cultivate partnerships with the major commercial and cargo airlines, along with independent niche carriers, to provide competitive pricing and space allotments to ensure the movement of cargo when required and on time.


  • TIME CRITICAL SHIPPING SOLUTIONS: Quickest transits optimizing the most direct routes - strategic, calculated moves
  • CARGO CHARTERS: Expedited, Dedicated - Flexible flight schedules and destinations, customized for all cargo types
  • SEA-AIR: A hybrid mode of transport, offering the cost savings of ocean and time savings of air
  • AIRCRAFT ON GROUND: Service specifically for Aerospace - Door-to-door, counter-to counter, or airside with 24/7 monitoring
  • ON-BOARD COURIER: Our fastest service, ensuring delivery time within 24 hours anywhere in the world; secure, detailed procedures, ensure secure delivery of each shipment