Manitoulin Global Forwarding Buys M.A.P. International Freight Inc. Adds Temperature-Controlled Services to Freight Forwarding Portfolio

MISSISSAUGA — Ontario — June 13, 2016 — Manitoulin Global Forwarding has bought M.A.P. International Freight Inc. of Vaughan, Ontario, a specialist in the movement of goods requiring a temperature-controlled environment be it refrigerated or heated. The acquisition rounds out Manitoulin Global Forwarding’s service offerings, enabling it to now provide clients with the full suite of international freight forwarding offerings available.

Established in 1991, M.A.P. International specializes in the movement of refrigerated cargoes, chilled and frozen goods, agri-commodities and goods requiring heating, via ocean, air and truck transportation. Customers range from major food manufacturers and distributors to pharmaceutical companies. With a focus on moving goods in and out of North America, M.A.P. International leverages its network of agents on six continents to deliver goods to destinations all over the world.

“We are delighted to welcome M.A.P International into the Manitoulin family,” said Dwayne Hihn, president, Manitoulin Global Forwarding. “In the temperature-control realm of freight forwarding there is no room for error when you consider the delicate nature of the goods. An improperly planned delivery, be it the packaging and storage of goods or the wrong forecast on the length of a delivery, could be catastrophic for a business. As well, it is vital to be thoroughly knowledgeable about local documentation requirements in the jurisdiction of any country we serve. You need a highly trained technical specialist in this business that understands and executes on the many intricacies involved in getting temperature-controlled freight safely and securely to its destination in its expected condition. With the acquisition of M.A.P International, Manitoulin Global Forwarding is now that provider.”

“When we bring a company into our group, naturally we consider how it would enable us to better serve our customers by enhancing our portfolio,” said Gord Smith, chief executive officer, Manitoulin Group of Companies. “M.A.P. International has the depth and breadth of experience in this highly specialized field that we were looking for, but that kind of fit alone is never enough. We must also be sure that their culture and approach to servicing customers is in-keeping with our own high standards. We were as impressed with M.A.P.’s technical capabilities as we were with its reputation in the industry for customer service.”

“M.A.P. International customers should look forward to a seamless transition to Manitoulin as well as a number of advantages,” said Smith. “Including the convenience and assurances enabled by the latest in transportation technology, and easy access to the full suite of transportation and logistics services of the Manitoulin Group.”

M.A.P. International employees have transferred to Manitoulin’s offices in Toronto, Ontario. M.A.P’s former president, Mark Albert, will also join Manitoulin in a consulting capacity and help ensure a smooth transition for customers.